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From 1949 until 1959, the MAHS yearbook pages were part of a book called Erinnerugnen which collected all the DOD schools in Germany and France. The book eventually grew to 2 massive volumes. Munich's last year in the book was 1959 and was one of the first schools to leave the Erinnerugnen books. The first Munich Mnemonic yearbook was the 1960 yearbook. (The first Munich yearbook was the 1948 book and it was a standalone book called simply "Bayern") 


All the covers for the Erinnerugnen books were similar and simply carried the shield of the city the school was located in. These sections are shorter than full yearbooks, generally running about 60-70 pages. For that reason we have collected several years into each volume. This is the 49/50/51/52 volume, the 53/54/55/56 and 57/58/59 volumes are available elsewhere on this site.

1949-50-51-52 Erinnerugnen

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